‘NEOPHYSICAL 01: On The Brink Of A Beautiful Future’
- Mixed Media Audiovisual Installation

‘NEOPHYSICAL 01: On The Brink Of A Beautiful Future’ is part of a new series of artworks and ‘transformative environments’ by visual artist Lucy Benson, titled ‘Liminal Studies / Brink Phenomena’.

It is a techno-positive investigation of liminal states in physicality and identity, human and post-human existence. Border-lines are identified and exploded – opening up the infinite realm of the in-between for exploration and discovery.

Sound design by Jamie Teasdale aka Kuedo.


‘Dream Cargoes’
Live-Cinema Performance

Dream Cargoes is a live-cinema work from Lucy Benson and Marcel Weber featuring an original score by Roly Porter (plus string quartet) and Keith Fullerton Whitman. The concept and screenplay was written by Lucy Benson.

Partly inspired by a J.G.Ballard story, Dream Cargoes explores the predicament of the last man on an exploited and abandoned Earth, who, in the toxicity of nano and bio-tech waste witnesses a wondrous flourishing of new life forms. The work is performed live by the four artists and a string quartet.


‘Force’ with Actress, Adelaide Festival. Generative audiovisual performance.

Force, a new generative / interactive video work, premiered in March 2013 at Unsound’s Adelaide Festival edition.

Force is a visual project based around a single, gritty presence or entity. It forms, complexifies, fractures and evolves over the duration of the set. Frequency inputs from the music drive the evolution of the imagery and it’s detailed aesthetic, meaning that it is tightly synced and unique to each musical set.


‘Radio Zukunft’. Audioreactive Installation, Akademie der Künste

I was commissioned by Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) Berlin to create a live audio-reactive stage installation for the contemporary radio/sonic arts festival; “Radio Zukunft. Tage der Audiokunst” (Future Radio. Days of Audio Art).

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SAVE Festival Trailer

I was commissioned to create the Trailer for Moscow’s SAVE festival.

Working with the festival logo’s distinct form, I pushed it’s shape out into 3d space to create an architectural realm; a sculpture. Reflecting the nature of Save’s musical lineup, the trailer is an investigation of cold industrial lines and warm analogue noise; all softened by the human experience by using deep focal contrast and handheld camera.

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‘Cuando la justicia’
Audiovisual Album Release for SCHEME

‘Cuando la justicia’ is the debut audiovisual album release from SCHEME AV Strategies – and an addendum to my performance with Komatssu at LEV Festival 2012 (under the MFO moniker). It features Komatssu’s track of the same name.

The video is a slow-evolving, minimalist, anti-videoclip – that is, I resisted the urge to tightly beat-edit and chose not to condense the hour-long show into 3 minutes. Komatssu’s music weaves it’s thread slowly and surely and I wanted to honour this pacing.

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Unsound Festival Trailers
‘The End’ 10th Edition

Teaser trailers for UNSOUND shot on location at one of the festival locations, Krakow’s former Hotel Forum, disused since 2002.

In October, Unsound artists will raise the grand communist-era hotel from deathly slumber for one more breath of life before: The End.

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Kuedo ‘Severant’ Live Audiovisual Show

Live Deko Futurism video realm for Kuedo’s AV concerts, created by Lucy Benson with production assistance from Marcel Weber. The show is performed live by Lucy Benson.

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‘Akheron Fall’
Audiovisual Performance

Live audiovisual collaboration between myself, Roly Porter and Marcel Weber. Originally created for and premiered at CTM Festival, Berlin.

Upcoming dates:

25.07.13 Berlin Atonal Berlin, Germany.

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‘We Carry The Past With Us’ CTM Festival 2012

A series of four portraits I created for the installation Das Geschehen (The Event) by Nik Nowak at CTM Festival. Das Gesehen is a sculpture, featuring backlit slides viewable through 24 individual viewfinders.

The portrait series explores archetypes and representation and is a repsonse to the sculpture’s militaristic form. Motivating forces fundamental to human nature are explored through a series of figures, sourced from ancient greek coins.


Electronic Beats: Brian Ferry Concert, Projection Mapping

Simple animated projection mapping in the outside entrance foyer at Brian Ferry’s Berlin concert in December 2011. This work was undertaken as a freelance worker with Skudi Optics & Eventdesign.


‘Her Ghost’ with kode9, MFO, Ms Haptic

‘Her Ghost’ is a live audiovisual homage to Chris Marker’s classic sci-fi film ‘La Jetee’, co-created by Myself and Marcel Weber (working together as MFO), Kode9 and Ms Haptic.

The work is not a ‘remix’, rather a re-imagining. The script has been completely rewritten from the woman’s perspective, creating a parallel narrative to La Jetée that works harmoniously with events and characters in the original film, yet pushes the story forwards into the future. The performance is narrated live by Ms Haptic.


‘Projections From Jupiter’ with Sepalcure, Unsound Festival 2011

A performative study of futurism, light and form developed for Unsound Festival’s 2011 ‘Future Shock’ edition by Lucy Benson and Marcel Weber. Dance choreography was combined with body-projection and filmed live during two music shows. The footage was sampled and composited in realtime and sent to the final output screen of the mainstage. The only image effects were created physically through the camera by means of lighting and lens manipulation.


Synchronicity, Displacement And Other Travels In Time

Photo series experimenting with the displacement of time and the concept of ‘syncing’. The studies create a real-world version of a custom built computer patch that displaces imagery/pixels over time based on a mathematical curve.

In this real-world version physical light and human movement are synced to a camera’s shutter speed. A single horizontal line of light moves across the space in a sinewave and the body tries to match the motion, occuring in a single second.


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