IAAF International Athletics Championships;
Dynamic Screen Installation & Scenography

I was commissioned to design and programme a live-updateable ‘Champion Medalists’ screen installation for the 2009 IAAF International Athletics Championships. The installation was displayed on an 8m wide panoramic ‘cube’ and ran autonomously during the closing event and final Awards Ceremony.

I programmed a fully-dynamic live software patch that ran entirely from an xml document; all images, content, animation controls, could be easily edited via a single text file, without interrupting the screen display. This was critical, as the final races were still underway, therefore the last Gold Medalist Champions needed to be added to the installation while it was live.


‘Trinity’, artist residency work, Belfast

Trinity was developed during an artist residency in Belfast in June 2009 and is a response to the so called ‘peace walls’ still existing throughout the city; active remnants of the drastic religious and political division of the former war zone. It explores the concept of belonging; to a place, to a cultural group, to a country. The question of who has authority in this environment is presented and the outcome varies depending on the audience.


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