‘Her Ghost’ with kode9, MFO, Ms Haptic

‘Her Ghost’ is a live audiovisual homage to Chris Marker’s classic sci-fi film ‘La Jetee’, created with kode9, Marcel Weber and Ms Haptic for Unsound Festival.

The work is not a ‘remix’, rather a re-imagining. The script has been completely rewritten from the woman’s perspective, creating a parallel narrative to La Jetée that works harmoniously with events and characters in the original film, yet pushes the story forwards into the future. The performance is narrated live by Ms Haptic.

I developed a dark, retro-futurist aesthetic for the video’s post-apocolyptic 2nd Act, where mankind is forced to live beneath the earth in bunkers and time-travel experiements are carried out on the citizens. The effects, post-processing and animation was done live in custom-built software patches, the signal then sent to an old 80’s Commodore monitor, manipulated further and re-filmed to be used in the live performance.

The imagery needed to convey the claustrophobia, angst and despair of this bunker world, where desperately implemented technology, broken and imperfect, controls the existence, hearts and minds of it’s subjects. One of our main aesthetic concepts was Moiré; the interference, and conflict of perception between imaging technologies aswell as our human biology. We worked alot on generating and animating Moiré patterns in each stage of production workflow; computer imagery, monitor, camera.