Screen/Venue Mockup showing the 6-screen panoroma installation split onto two sides of the room.
Three seperate Panoramic Animations, or 'Moods', to match the progress of the event from late-afternoon to sundown and midnight after-party.
Event photo
Event photo
Event photo

Katy Perry VIP Lounge, Six-Screen Panoramic Video Installation/Animation

Animation and video installation for a six-screen panoramic installation at Katy Perry’s VIP lounge at her album launch concert in Berlin 2010. Taking the album’s cover art as inspiration and based on the event theme: Candy, I created three different ‘Moods’ animations, to follow the schedule of the event and time of day, from late afternoon to after-midnight:

1: Blue Sky Cocktails (Pre-concert)
2: Candy Concert (During and Post-Concert)
3: Sunset Afterparty (After-Party)

The installation ran live, with each new ‘Mood’ switching over at a designated time. The video consisted of prerendered animated video layers and extra animated overlays that were triggered randomly and generatively so that there would be no obvious loops in the hours-long event. The switch between each “Mood” was programmed into the installation and could be triggered seamlessly.

Created and live-operated using After Effects, Quartz Composer and VDMX.