Interview: Wire Magazine, ‘Dream Cargoes’

Panel-style interview with live audience, hosted by Jennifer Lucy Allen from The Wire. We discuss the Dream Cargoes project with Marcel Weber, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Roly Porter. The interview was a public event that took place as part of the Unsound festival schedule in Poland.

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Artist Presentation: NK, Scope Sessions, Berlin

I was invited along with Marcel Weber to give an artist presentation at NK Project Space for Scope Sessions. We spoke about our recent collabrative work; from concept development through to production methods and performance. We also spoke more generally about audiovisual arts practice, current inspirations and trends within contemporary media and ‘screen’ based arts.


Article: ‘Automation & Creation’

“Over the last century, automation has been presented as a means to liberate the human soul from dreary and repetitive work. Building machines that operate themselves allows us more time to be what we are – humans, with a need to create, interact and seek pleasure. So what happens when these desires are sourced from or with a machine…?”

Article published by the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

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Article: ‘Interdisciplinary Collaboration at Transmediale’

“The 2010 edition of Transmediale, Berlin’s renowned contemporary arts and digital-culture festival, took place under the title ‘Futurity Now’. In exploring the significance of the Now in this title, the point of agreement amongst the gathered artists, academics, creative industry professionals, scientists and technologists was that our concept of the future defines our experience of the present…”

Report commissioned by the Australian Network for Art & Technology.

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Workshop: ‘Live Media Creation’, Berlin

I taught a two day workshop, investigating live media practice using Quartz Composer and VDMX.
The class was based around classic practical tutorials, plus advanced workshops and examples of extended practice with the media.

The class also included a short historical overview of live audiovisual art and of contemporary artists working within the field.


Article: ‘Experimental Audiovisual: Room To Move, Transmediale’

“Transmediale 2010 marked a new collaboration between the festival and it’s sister event Club Transmediale. The resulting program ‘Overlap – Sound & Other Media’ brought a series of experimental audiovisual performances to Transmediale’s main hub, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin…”

Article commissioned by Realtime-Arts, Australia.

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