‘Akheron Fall’
Audiovisual Performance

Live audiovisual collaboration between myself, Roly Porter and Marcel Weber. Originally created for and premiered at CTM Festival, Berlin.

Upcoming dates:

25.07.13 Berlin Atonal Berlin, Germany.

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‘We Carry The Past With Us’ CTM Festival 2012

A series of four portraits I created for the installation Das Geschehen (The Event) by Nik Nowak at CTM Festival. Das Gesehen is a sculpture, featuring backlit slides viewable through 24 individual viewfinders.

The portrait series explores archetypes and representation and is a repsonse to the sculpture’s militaristic form. Motivating forces fundamental to human nature are explored through a series of figures, sourced from ancient greek coins.


Live Visuals for Julianna Barwick, Sun Araw..
Sugarmountain Festival 2012

Custom-built live visual performances for: Julianna Barwick, Sun Araw, This Thing and Absolute Boys.

The festival took place at Melbourne’s beautiful Forum Theatre.


Electronic Beats: Brian Ferry Concert, Projection Mapping

Simple animated projection mapping in the outside entrance foyer at Brian Ferry’s Berlin concert in December 2011. This work was undertaken as a freelance worker with Skudi Optics & Eventdesign.


‘Her Ghost’
La Jetée reimagined

Her Ghost’ is a live-cinema re-imagining of Chris Marker’s classic sci-fi film ‘La Jetée’, created by kode9 , Lucy Benson, Marcel Weber and Ms Haptic. It was selected for inclusion in the official Chris Marker restrospective at the Pompidou in 2013.

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‘Projections From Jupiter’ with Sepalcure, Unsound Festival 2011

A performative study of futurism, light and form developed for Unsound Festival’s 2011 ‘Future Shock’ edition by Lucy Benson and Marcel Weber. Dance choreography was combined with body-projection and filmed live during two music shows. The footage was sampled and composited in realtime and sent to the final output screen of the mainstage. The only image effects were created physically through the camera by means of lighting and lens manipulation.


‘Self-Portrait as Sine Wave’,
Photograph, 2011

From a photo series experimenting with the displacement of time and the concept of synchronicity between humans and technology.

A single vertical line of projected light moves back and forth in a sine-wave movement and I try to match the motion and speed with my own body. The movement occurs over 1 second and my camera is set to take a 1 second exposure. All three of us strive for perfect harmony.


‘Wood As Bones, Light As Flesh’ Light & Sound Sculpture

This sculptural installation, featured at Mapping Festival 2011, was developed with Ilan Katin, Fred Bordfeld and Matthieu Borrell as FAIL Collective. The piece is a progression of the woodsticks surface-mapping that Fred and Ilan have previously built together, with a soundtrack composed by Matthieu. Ilan approached me with the idea to develop the wooden structure into more of a narrative device and together we worked on a concept for Mapping Festival which would also utilise the environment in which the structure stood.

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Timescape .CHB, Transmediale Berlin 2010

Generative projection mapping realised for .CHB (Collegium Hungaricum Berlin) with David Szauder and sound artist Servando Barreiro and included in the 2011 Transmediale and DAS Weekend events.

The project was an audiovisual documentation of the site of the .CHB, presented in three stages; Past, the previous Haus Ungar that was destroyed in WW2; Present, today’s site currently under construction; Future, the new Art Projekt cultural institute being built on the site.

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Generative LED Aquarium, for Samsung

Generative installation created for Samsung. The LED panels were built into an existing curved recess in a club (the Samsung Lounge) on the west coast of Greece. The installation was fully dynamic and ran live from a computer.

The animation was built in Quartz Composer, allowing a fairly complex, non-looping environment to be developed that could have all of it’s design parameters (master speed, colors, dimensions, fish & plant settings) adjusted live on site without any need for rendering.

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Winner’s Circle, for Deutsche Telekom – Handmade Projection Mapping

Live facade mapping/performance for the annual ‘Winner’s Circle’ corporate event for Deutsche Telekom. The event took place on the West coast of Greece.

To create a unique hand-made aesthetic for the mapping, several scale-models of the building were constructed in Berlin and then we filmed all of our lighting and effects using torches, color foils, glitter, dripped paint and paper cut-outs.


Waterscreen Lily-Garden Installation

I was commissioned to create a waterscreen projection for the ‘Garden’ area of Fritz Radio’s annual party, titled ‘Dickes F’, at Postbahnhoff in Berlin.

I created a slowly evolving generative lily garland animation that could run autonomously and hypnotically for hours on end without any looping, to evoke a relaxing and calming garden atmosphere,

The waterscreen was perfect for this installation; the waterfall and misty air created a delicate, dewy, natural beauty and 3D effect, and the sound and smell of the water was instantly soothing and refreshing.

The installation was programmed in Quartz Composer.

Electronic Beats – Logo Animations

3 short Logo animations created for Electronic Beats.

5 sec, 10 sec, and 15 sec versions, for projection at Electronic Beats concerts and as interstitial branding during artist changeover on stage.

The animations were created in After Effects.

Windows7 Mobile Launch, Berlin, Ballroom Projection Mapping

Architectural video mapping for the launch of the Windows7 mobile phone at Hotel de Rome Berlin. The projection mapping was mirrored down both sides of the large ballroom (two triplehead projections, one left and one right), taking in the grand large columns and mezzanine level. The video animation was ‘performed’ live as part of a choreographed light and sound show for the grand finale countdown to the phones being revealed.

The content and animation was built in After Effects and Quartz Composer and run live through VDMX.

The mapping consisted of two triplehead setups (one computer running three projectors, for each side of the room). Both computers were controlled live during the performance from one master computer, via OSC.