‘Cuando la justicia’
Audiovisual Album Release for SCHEME

‘Cuando la justicia’ is the debut audiovisual album release from SCHEME AV Strategies – and an addendum to my performance with Komatssu at LEV Festival 2012 (under the MFO moniker). It features Komatssu’s track of the same name.

The video is a slow-evolving, minimalist, anti-videoclip – that is, I resisted the urge to tightly beat-edit and chose not to condense the hour-long show into 3 minutes. Komatssu’s music weaves it’s thread slowly and surely and I wanted to honour this pacing.

During my first listen to Komatssu’s live set I found myself transported; washed out to sea on a black night; dark waves crashing on an empty beach; the sound of my own breath. I tried to capture something of this self-reflective, dream-inducing quality for the live show and again here, with this special video release for Scheme.

Technically the video is a mixture of programmed generative 3D textures and rendered image animations. Additional content by Marcel Weber. Created by Lucy Benson.