Photo credit: Patrick Hamilton.
Photo credit: Patrick Hamilton.
Photo credit: Patrick Hamilton.

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‘Nipaluna Ranges’,
5 LED Screen Panoramic Moving-Image Installation, Pitch Music & Arts festival

A panoramic moving-image installation, presented across 5 staggered LED screens. Created for Pitch Music & Arts festival in Australia, the work is the latest in my series of landscape portraits and ‘transformative environments’ I have been creating under commission from various cultural partners.

Using a philosophy and technical approach I have been developing, called Negative Time, the work is composed from filmed materials, which are then heavily processed and interpolated / animated across time using my own process of analogue/hand and digital techniques. Delving into the infinite and previously unseen worlds that lie between the frames, hidden topographies and perspectives emerge, revealing ancient, contemporary and future landscapes existing alongside each other.

The slow-moving, hypersynthetic visuals absorb and refract the wilderness setting back across the festival site, creating an hypnotic, multidimensional landscape that unravels and rethreads in constant flux.

The work is site-specific, created to interact and harmonise with the festival site’s landscape – set against the famous Grampian ranges – as well as provide an intense blast of color and luminosity to the festival and revellers.

Much thanks to Nic Hamilton and Peter Deering for including me in the curation of such an interesting programme for Pitch.