Photo © Anna Spysz
Video documentation coming soon..

‘Projections From Jupiter’ with Sepalcure, Unsound Festival 2011

A performative study of futurism, light and form developed for Unsound Festival’s 2011 ‘Future Shock’ edition by Lucy Benson and Marcel Weber. Dance choreography was combined with body-projection and filmed live during two music shows. The footage was sampled and composited in realtime and sent to the final output screen of the mainstage. The only image effects were created physically through the camera by means of lighting and lens manipulation.

The project consisted of two performances; the first for Sepalcure (USA) concentrated on an ethereal, galactic vision of humanity. The second for Objekt (UK) closed in on a ‘future-creature’ fusion of biotechonology and human genetics.

Magdalena Chmielewska
Aleksandra Chmielewska
Magdelana Zeslawska

Costumes: Halina Mrożek
Makeup: Trixi
Hair: Anna Mirek