Radio Zukunft at AdK. © Taucher Sound Environments
Speech recognition. Radio Zukunft at AdK. Photo © Taucher Sound Environments
Future environments. Radio Zukunft at AdK.
Radio Zukunft at AdK.
Radio Zukunft at AdK.
Future environments. Radio Zukunft at AdK.

Future Environments abstract visualisation:

‘Radio Zukunft’. Audioreactive Installation, Akademie der Künste

I was commissioned by Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) Berlin to create a live audio-reactive stage installation for the contemporary radio/sonic arts festival; “Radio Zukunft. Tage der Audiokunst” (Future Radio. Days of Audio Art).

The video projection needed to directly visualise a 3 day programm of diverse experimental Radio/Sound works, ranging from simple percussive soundscapes through to narrative scripted audio plays. The installation should also reference a progression of historical audio visualisation technologies; from early illuminated valve amplifiers, to radio and wave analysis and contemporary abstract environments.

As the audio programme was so diverse, I created a set of patches each of which used audio input from the sound to generate the imagery in various ways, ranging from a single direct audio-driven waveform through to complex 3d structures and manipulation of real imagery. The patches were split into categories such as ‘percussive’, ‘soundscape’, ‘human speech’, each capable of a significantly range in scale, intensity, content that could be controlled live.

The imagery was projected onto two semi-transparent screens enclosing the Soundstage inside AdK. The audience was seated inside the stage area on large cushions.
The 360° audio installation was created by Taucher Sound Environments.

“Soundstage @ Radio Zukunft.”
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