Timescape .CHB, Transmediale Berlin 2010

Generative projection mapping realised for .CHB (Collegium Hungaricum Berlin) with David Szauder and sound artist Servando Barreiro and included in the 2011 Transmediale and DAS Weekend events.

The project was an audiovisual documentation of the site of the .CHB, presented in three stages; Past, the previous Haus Ungar that was destroyed in WW2; Present, today’s site currently under construction; Future, the new Art Projekt cultural institute being built on the site.

The installation was presented as a three-surface mapping; taking in the facades of both the .CHB and an adjacent building, as well as utilising the large rear-projected front window of the .CHB.

I worked together with the Humboldt University Institut für Slawistik Ungarische Literatur und Kultur to gather relevant historical photos, information and blueprints. I used these to create a visual narrative, almost entirely made made up of dynamic, programmed animations rather than pre-rendered video files. This was an important feature of the installation, as the project was meant to bring the site to life and part of this liveness involved a detailed interaction between the live soundtrack and the visual display; for example certain sounds influencing or triggering parts of the animation and vice versa.

The visual part of the installation was put together in Quartz Composer, the sound installation was a Pure Data patch operating AbletonLive and talking simultaneously with the Quartz patch via an OSC network.