Short Video Excerpt:

Custom Quartz Composer patch, mirrored across both sides of the ballroom and controlled live


Windows7 Mobile Launch, Berlin, Ballroom Projection Mapping

Architectural video mapping for the launch of the Windows7 mobile phone at Hotel de Rome Berlin. The projection mapping was mirrored down both sides of the large ballroom (two triplehead projections, one left and one right), taking in the grand large columns and mezzanine level. The video animation was ‘performed’ live as part of a choreographed light and sound show for the grand finale countdown to the phones being revealed.

The content and animation was built in After Effects and Quartz Composer and run live through VDMX.

The mapping consisted of two triplehead setups (one computer running three projectors, for each side of the room). Both computers were controlled live during the performance from one master computer, via OSC.