Winner’s Circle, for Deutsche Telekom – Handmade Projection Mapping

Live facade mapping/performance for the annual ‘Winner’s Circle’ corporate event for Deutsche Telekom. The event took place on the West coast of Greece.

To create a unique hand-made aesthetic for the mapping, several scale-models of the building were constructed in Berlin and then we filmed all of our lighting and effects using torches, color foils, glitter, dripped paint and paper cut-outs.

To compliment the live-action footage and provide some of the requisite ‘mapping’ effects, I built several 3d Quartz Composer patches which allowed us to play with the facade in realtime. Breaking open the brickwork, rippling the building or sliding and rotating sections of the facade was all controllable by midi and OSC input.

The work was undertaken with Skudi Optics & Eventdesign.